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Birds at Bharatpur Bird Sancruary
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Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary, Bharatpur

The beauty of Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary is extremely captivating and the brilliant sight of rare birds amidst such paramount greenery, makes this place seem unnatural. This is one of those lucky sanctuaries that has pretty much everything to offer; culture, history, excellent wildlife & of course an amazing array of exotic birds. Two-thirds of the Park lies under water and the remaining one-third is covered in dry deciduous forests and extensive grasslands.

Bharatpur Bird Sanctury

Part of this topography is shared by the Bharatpur wetlands as a result of the Jamuna that passes close by, and the other part by the Chambal which, as a tributary of the Jamuna, originates in the Vindhyas in Madhya Pradesh and skirts through its ravines to form Rajasthan's eastern boundary with that state. This may occasionally result in marshy eco-systems ideal for sustaining a variety of birdlife in these aquatic habitats.

Base: Bharatpur: Tough one of the country's most well-managed, and well-represented parks as far as the variety of wildlife and birdlife is concerned, it is astonishingly easily accessible, located close to the township of Bharatpur, and barely an hour's drive from Agra, and only a little more from Jaipur. Delhi too is reasonably close.

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