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Since the princely kingdoms that make up Rajasthan invested in their own railway lines, making rail travel convenient by the early years of this century, it is not surprising that the network of tracks is particularly well established. However, for most part, these were metre gauge tracks, which meant that the trains were of a narrower width, and were slower than their counterparts of the broad gauge. Another problem was that the coaches being made at the Madras Coach Factory were meant for broad gauge trains, and therefore it was more difficult to aircondition and vestibule current running stock, and the coaches needed renovation. It also meant that to link with places in Rajasthan, passengers had to terminate their journeys at some mid-point (usually Delhi) and transfer from broad gauge trains to its metre gauge network, which was proving an irritant.

Some years back, therefore, it was decided that all the tracks needed to be standardised. Since then, tracks are being changed all over the state: in many stretched, this has already been achieved, while work is on in other cases.

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All major destinations are not only inter-linked within the state, they are also connected with the principal gateway points of Delhi and Mumbai. One way to travel is on overnighters so that the day can be spent in sightseeing: however, since last-minute reservations are not always possible, visitors can also opt for the day connections. Most trains are still not vestibuled, but at the many stations where they halt, it is easy enough to leave one's coach to sit in the pantry car for a cup of tea, snacks, or even a meal (only on day trains). This service is also provided within your compartments at no extra cost.

Railway platforms en route are able to provide cool drinking water, though tourists are best advised to stick with bottled mineral water and colas. These stations also have news vendors where you can pick up books and magazines, though the choice of English reading tends to be limited. Also, you'll find a lot of regional specialities being vended on wheeled carts, but if you have a delicate constitution, be careful: however, the pleasure of a railway journey is compouned by the hot snacks one can pick up at platforms. If you'd like to play it safe, opt for packets of biscuits instead, especially since the chillies in some of the preparations can make you, literally, sweat.

There are air-conditioned and non-air-conditioned classes of travel, and obviously those air-conditioned are better, even though they're more insular. Both have first and second classes, and air-conditioned berths come with bed linen. Use bathrooms in most general trains only if you must, and carry your own toilet kit.

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