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Meditation In Desert
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Meditation In Desert

In a society that was as well formulated as that of Rajasthan, it was expected that there would be systems of both healing as well as preventive cures, and ways of aiding longevity. The royal palaces had workshops attached where such practices of healing were taught, based not only on the traditional systems that had been in prevalence in the country for centuries, but in combination with new systems gained from interaction with parts of West Asia. There were also ashrams where vaids, hakims and yoga instructors advised people on the benefits of these sciences to train people in their kingdoms on their benefits, so that their prevalence became more widespread.

These scientific methods of cure and prevention are well documented in the ancient Indian texts, and are based on mental and physical exercises, assisted with natural herbs used in special formulations. Unfortunately, under the British regime, these healthy practices were logged with faith healing and spirit healing, associated with certain practices in villages, and as such were mistaken for quackery. As a result, their popularity dwindled, and was soon replaced by the allopathic system of medicines. Though the traditional systems of what are now referred to as alternative healing and medicinal practices lost their pre-eminence, the science not only survived but continued to be is use, at least among a smaller group that believed in its efficacy.

Even though there is nothing about them that is linked only with Rajasthan, these practices have once again been revived, and are enjoying renewed popularity. This has to do with several reasons: it enjoins the practice of meditation and yoga which are the buzzwords of GenX, and so have a youthful appeal. Also, in a world waking up too late to the horrors of antibiotic medicines, these natural systems offer no fear of side-effects. The Rajasthani way of life is certainly free from many of the stresses suffered by people in urban centres around the world, because it is closely linked with families and communities, who in turn provide the avenues for relaxation that are so important to the human mind. Since communities have always encouraged interdepdence, burdens and responsibilities are also split up, therby guaranteeing a healthier approach to lifestyles. While nature cure looks at the benefits that a healthy way of living and cosumption patterns can provide, and holds out the most balanced approach to life, there are systems of healing too such as ayurveda, homeopathy and unani, along with a mix of massage and yoga, that can show the way to a healthier life.

Fortunately, most of these centres where such guidance and help is available are located in Rajasthan's historic cities, and many of them, in fact, are in Jaipur, so the visitor who wishes to seek a cure for himself can also combine it with sightseeing and the relaxation of a holiday. Should a visitor choose to avail of the benefits of these systems, it may be necessary to check into an institute, while in other cases it is possible to stay in your hotel and come in for a daily prognosis. In the case of chronic ailment, an idea is to show yourself at an institute, go under observation, and start the cure. You can then proceed on a tour of the state, while taking the recommended exercises and herbal treatments, coming back to the institute once more so that you can combine a holiday with a cure or even complete rejuvenation. What follows is a list of the various practices of healing, cure and preventive cure that you can expect from institutes in Rajasthan. Any of these would be happy to advise you on a system of cure, and the likely period, ideally suited to your individual needs.

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