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Safari In Desert of Rajasthan
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Safari In Rajasthan - Desert Run

Warfare would not have been possible without detailed planning, especially in this desert region where all supplies had to be carried when the armies came to pitch camp where the battle lines were drawn. From the repertoire of this experience were drawn the state processions, inter-kingdom journeys and royal pilgrimages when the families came out of their fortified settlements to create alternate, moving cities. Of this rich past were safaris created.

Safari In Rajasthan

A safari is journey into the desert, but one that is accompanied with rudimentary comforts, and even luxurious amenities. As each journey progresses, there is the excitement of setting camp at a new spot in the lonely wilderness of the Thar, of being entertained by groups of wandering minstrels, of coming in proximity of village life in one of the harshest conditions of the world, of enjoying splendid camp meals and sleeping under the stars that hang suspended from the sky like twinkling fairy lights. None of these journeys are arduous because the organisers ensure that all facilities are provided, from entertainment to fine dining, and from setting up deluxe camps to ensuring that your slightest needs are met.

But eventually, it is the landscape that is spellbinding. For miles altogether, there is nothing but sand, but from this aridness one can expect the unexpected as groups of women appear and disappear in their colourful clothes, apparently going nowhere. Just as suddenly, medieval cities rise magnificent for their architectural heritage, and are just as suddenly lost to sight. Mirages? No, in the Thar, these are only too real.

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